Let’s Talk About Balloons…

In this article, Darren discusses balloons and why scattering as many as you can on the floor is just about the worst thing you can do.

In this article, Darren discusses balloons and why scattering as many as you can on the floor is just about the worst thing you can do.

You’ve hired a party venue, sorted the birthday tea and even booked the best children’s entertainer out there. Now you turn your attentions to making that room look the best you can. Undoubtedly, one of the quickest ways to do this is using some balloons. After all they are cheap as chips, fill a large space easily and don’t take up any room in the car. Also, SOME kids love them. They can provide a few minutes of fun and if you have nothing else going on they can be a welcome distraction.


The reasons that balloons aren’t such a good idea at most parties far outweigh those few positives. Here’s the five main reasons why balloons are usually a pretty bad idea.

  1. Not all kids love balloons. Some do but a lot of children are scared of them, especially when they pop. And let me tell you if you mix with a room full of children with a floor full of balloons then pops are highly likely. That will upset some children!
  2. A floor full of balloons is a sure fire way to get children running around fast. That is a recipe for disaster! Accidents will happen and you’ll spend your party sorting out bumps and bruises. Sure you want the children to have fun but there are just so many better ways to do it.
  3. As a professional kids entertainer, I really don’t like it when I arrive to a venue with balloons strewn across the floor. Keeping the attention of 30 children for 2 hours is a big deal and I like to manage the distractions as best I can. I want the children to listen and respond to me so we will have the best time and that is easier without those pesky spheres of air!
  4. If one child doesn’t have a balloon they could get upset. If one child pops theirs they might try get another one from another child. You get the picture and it isn’t a fun one.
  5. There are just better things to do. If you hire a party magician or children’s entertainer then they should have a jam-packed party full of games, competitions, shows, dances and giveaways. I have lots of non-elimination games in my party packages which the kids love much more than kicking some balloons around!
Balloons on the floor can often lead to tears!

When balloons are a good idea…

If you are worried about the room looking bare then bring some balloons but just get them up on the walls. This adds colour but removes distraction.

Also, if budget allows, get some helium balloons. You can usually get a tank of helium from your local supermarket for around £25 and the balloons and ribbon might cost around £5. Helium balloons look great and little ones love them! You can tie them to chairs to make the food area colourful and even let the kids take them home.

The best type of balloons…

There is one type of balloon that I think is best. Balloon models. Children love them more than any other type of balloon I can think of. Balloons that do something or mean something and that they can take home at the end of the party. I have twisted balloons for over 20 years now and I still see smiles on the faces of children every time. Check out my packages to see the ones that include balloons. My hassle free party package includes a balloon for every single child as they leave the party, included in the price. This is a great gift to give the children as they leave.

If you want to discuss your event or book your package then contact me now and I will be delighted to help you arrange your party.

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