Hassle-Free Party

Take ALL the stress out of planning your party.

The Perfect Party Solution

If you are worried about the stress and hassle of planning, organising and running a party then DO NOT PANIC!  Let Darren take care of all the entertainment so you don’t have to.  Scroll down to find out just how much is included and just how little you have to do!

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Amazement Guaranteed

Award-Winning Magic

Darren’s hilarious and incredible 45-minute show is just the start.  Your child will be the star and receive a special gift and birthday balloon.  They’ll feel great and their special day will be all about them.

Bursting With Energy

Action Packed Games

Also included are loads of interactive, exciting and original games – some the children will never have played before.

Darren believes that no child should be made to feel ‘left out’ so the games are fully inclusive, non-elimination games that all the children can play regardless the size of your party.

A complete Solution

Amazing Balloons, Music & Prizes

Darren will continue to keep your little one and their friends engaged right through the party.  After a short food break expect more games, all the prizes provided, all the music sorted and a balloon model created live for each child to take away!

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The Key Details

Darren has answered the questions he gets asked about the Hassle-Free Party Package.

The Most Common Questions... Answered!

This package lasts two hours.  I’d never recommend organising a children’s party longer than two hours so this is the perfect amount of time.  And remember… I take care of ALL the entertainment.

Yes!  This package usually runs for one hour in the first half and 45 minutes in the second half.  That leaves a 15 minute break for food.  If the children are 4 or 5 this sometimes takes closer to 20 minutes but I work that into my timings.

Yes!  The Hassle-Free package includes a balloon for every child (up to 40 children) and a special gift for the birthday child.  If you are having more than 40 children at your event there may be a small additional charge for the extra balloons.

No!  For the magic show and games it doesn’t matter how many children are involved.  At the end of the hassle-free party I make balloons for all the children and this is where I’d say up to 40.  If your number is more, then let me know before the party.  I can accommodate this but I may prepare some balloons beforehand to save time on the day.

This is the one I get asked all the time!  Don’t worry i provide ALL the prizes for the show and the games.  One less thing to stress about for you!  I provide medals, trophies, sweets and other star prizes!

Ideally I’d like 30 minutes to set up so keep this in mind when hiring your venue.  That gives me time to set up my equipment and show to be ready, with music playing, when the first guests arrive.

You may need longer to set up the food and room so keep this in mind as well.

This package is £240.  This includes all the prizes and giveaways.  I’ll make a balloon for ALL children at the party and the birthday child will receive a special balloon and gift.

I take an £80 deposit for all bookings.  This is payable via PayPal or internet banking/bank transfer at the time of booking.

The balance is then payable on the day of the event.

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