Trix In The Stix 2019

Darren writes about what inspired him at a recent convention of children's entertainers.

One of the questions I get asked all the time as a children’s magician is how do you learn your tricks?

There are LOTS of different ways. Here’s just four:

  • Read magic books (I’ve got hundreds…)
  • Watch magic DVD’s (I’ve got thousands!)
  • Buy tricks from other magicians
  • Learn tricks at the magic circle

I like to do all of these to keep my kids magic show fresh. I get so many repeat bookings from parents and schools that have booked me before, plus even more from parents who have seen me at a party they took their children to, that I like to change bits in my show as much as possible to make sure children who see me again see something different.

My favourite way to do this isn’t listed above. My favourite way is probably the one least people know about. My favourite way to improve my show is by going to conventions and conferences all about magic and entertainment.

That is what Trix In The Stix is. It’s the biggest convention for children’s entertainers in the UK and I had a great time. When I say this people think it weird that a kids entertainer in Batley would travel over two hours to attend a conference about tricks they could learn online.

But it isn’t just about the tricks. It’s about the people you meet and the ideas you get. Magic tricks are a funny thing. They can sometimes seem a bit lifeless in print but when you see someone performing them you see their potential. So sometimes it is great to put my own props down and watch other kids entertainers perform.

I think to sum it up in one word, it’s inspiration. I attended with a couple of other children’s entertainers near me and we all left saying we felt inspired to try new tricks and new jokes in our show. So if you have booked me this year or are coming to one of my shows look out for some new tricks never seen before.

Silly String Roulette. That’s all I shall say for now. No more spoilers!

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