45 Minutes Of Magic With 45 Minutes Of Games

A Great Mixture of Magic and Laughter

The Magic & Games Package is 90 minutes of non-stop fun, laughter, action-packed games and of course award-winning magic.

A Perfect blend

45-minute Amazing Magic Show

Darren’s award-winning magic is show is at the heart of all the packages.  This package includes the show plus games for a perfect balance and an action-packed 90 minutes!

No Children left Out

45-minutes Games

Darren will present his game show full of unique non-elimination games.  With all children included in all games you can relax and enjoy it yourself.  Contact Darren now and chat with him about which package is best for your event.

Stress-Free Party Planning

All Prizes provided

This package is stress-free guaranteed.  Darren runs all the games and provides all of the prizes so you don’t have to worry.  If you’d like Darren to include balloons for all the children as well then check out The Hassle-Free Party.

Kids Magician Dazzling Darren runs a 90-minute Magic & Balloons Package

The Key Details

Darren has answered the questions he gets asked Most About The Magic & Balloons package.

The Most Common Questions... Answered!

This package lasts 90 minutes.  We start with 45 minutes of games and finish with the magic show.  The package runs straight through without a break (perhaps a 2 minutes drink break!)

No!  This package is 90 minutes straight through.  In a two hour party you would then have 30 minutes to eat food and cake either before I started or after i finished.  If you would like the two hour party package with a break for food then check out my Hassle-Free Party.

The birthday child will receive a special gift and birthday balloon but this package does not include balloons for all of the children.

No!  For the magic show and games it doesn’t matter how many children are involved as long as the room is big enough for the children this package will work well.

This is the one I get asked all the time!  Don’t worry i provide ALL the prizes for the show and the games.  One less thing to stress about for you!  I provide medals, trophies, sweets and other star prizes!

Ideally I’d like 30 minutes to set up so keep this in mind when hiring your venue.  That gives me time to set up my equipment and show to be ready, with music playing, when the first guests arrive.

You may need longer to set up the food and room so keep this in mind as well.

This package is £220.  This includes all the prizes and giveaways.

I take an £80 deposit for all bookings.  This is payable via PayPal or internet banking/bank transfer at the time of booking.

The balance is then payable on the day of the event.

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