Is A Morning Party A Good Idea?

Here Darren discusses the pros and cons of a booking a morning party.

There are usually only 3 reasons why you are considering a morning party:

Your chosen venue can only do that time.
Your chosen entertainer can only do that time.
You have decided it might just be a good idea.

For the first two, the decision has been taken out of your hands, however the last one is your choice… but maybe you aren’t sure?

This post should help you make your mind up! I’ll say from the start, I think morning parties are a GREAT idea! I think there are a number of reasons why they’re great and I’ll tell you what they are soon. There is one big factor to consider but as long as you are clever with your planning then you will be fine.

What Do I Mean By Morning Party?

When I say morning party I’m referring to any party that starts in the morning. It doesn’t have to finish before noon but would probably start somewhere between 10.30am and 11.30am. The most common morning party slot I do is 11am until 1pm.

The Big Advantages

I’d say there are three things that make booking a morning party something to seriously think about:

  1. The children eat lunch at the normal time.
    Compared to an afternoon party the kids eat at a much better time. If you have a break in the middle they eat roughly around noon. Perfect! I love afternoon parties too but one of the downside here is that the children will have eaten lunch already and will probably be eating again later.
  2. The birthday child isn’t asking when the party starts… for 7 hours!
    If you have a morning party it will probably involve getting to the venue around 10a.m. to sort out the food and decorations. Before that it will be food prep and getting everyone into their party clothes. This means there won’t be enough time to get too excited, giddy or boil over!
  3. The other parents will LOVE you for it!
    I think the main reason to think about a morning party is that is doesn’t take up the whole day. Weekends are precious and parties are pretty frequent for children now. Having your party in the morning, finishing early afternoon gives everyone the chance to do other things with their day. No waiting around for a late afternoon start.

One Thing To Consider…

The one big factor I mentioned earlier – I wouldn’t say there are any real disadvantages to having a morning party. However, you must consider preparation time. If your party starts at 11 a.m. you’ll probably want to be at the venue around 10 a.m. you need to make sure this leaves you enough time to prepare everything. If you’re making the food yourself this will take time. It’s unlikely you’ll have time to pop out for a last minute cake or candles and so you need to make sure you have planned well. (It might mean missing out on a weekend lie in!) This is definitely enough to put some people off but if you’re an early riser then it won’t be a problem. I’d say it is worth it for the positives I mentioned above.

Final Verdict

I say go for it! At least give it some thought. If your preferred venue or entertainer can only do a morning time slot then don’t let it spoil your plans. Embrace the morning party and come 1.30 p.m. on the day, you’ll be proud that your little one had an amazing birthday celebration and there’s still time to see family, chill out and open all their presents!

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